U.S. House Votes to Reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act: Here’s How It May Impact You

Posted on 03/19/21

In Wednesday’s late afternoon hours, House Democrats and Republicans with bipartisan support voted to reauthorize the 1994 Clinton Era Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). A shocking signal of consensus that aims to reaffirm the successful program’s commitment to victims of violence and immigrants. VAWA is a federal law that handles the investigation and prosecution of violent crimes including domestic abuse, harassment, and sexual assault. The law was sponsored by then-Senator Joseph Biden and a coalition of Democrats and Republicans. VAWA has significant advantages for immigrants as it allows for the possibility that certain immigrants who may have been ineligible for immigration benefits to potentially petition for U.S. permanent residency considering their close relationship with a permanent resident spouse (green card holder) or with a citizen.

VAWA has continuously been reauthorized over the past two decades but hit a snag in the Republican-controlled Senate in 2019. Certain provisions within the 2019 legislation prevented misdemeanor offenders from obtaining a gun permit, something Republicans had hoped House Democrats would not have included in the legislation and thus subsequently voted against it. Although receiving bipartisan support from 29 Republicans in the House, the bill is likely to face an uphill battle in the Senate. The 2021 Georgia elections offered Democrats two critical Senate seats, splitting the Senate evenly. The divided Senate will make bipartisanship critical, especially during the current public health crisis. For the House bill to be passed, 10 Republicans must sign-on, which remains highly unlikely. Republicans have signaled their commitment to offering alternative legislation reciting the importance of the key provisions within VAWA while terminating gun restrictions.

In a statement issued by the White House, President Biden called on passing the legislation with ease and to highlight his support of VAWA. “This should not be a Democratic or Republican issue — it’s about standing up against the abuse of power and preventing violence. I am grateful to the House of Representatives for their leadership and dedication to ending gender-based violence. Now, I urge the Senate to follow past precedent and bring a strong bipartisan coalition together to ensure the passage of VAWA so that I can sign this legislation as soon as possible.” President Biden has proposed one of the most progressive immigration bills in the history of our nation, vowing to secure key protections for millions. VAWA is just one of the intricate parts of his mission on immigration

Advocates for the program argue that the provisions highlighted to limit domestic violence offenders from obtaining a gun permit will protect women who have been victims of sexual and physical assault. The necessity of including such provisions cannot go unnoticed as many victims of violence often fear retaliation, and repeat offenses. Republicans face a tough decision on whether to protect the rights of women who have been victimized or to uphold second amendment rights for gun ownership. Victims of abuse remain vulnerable as the law is stalled. Bold actions to protect the rights of victims of sexual and physical abuse are required in the uncertain times of our plagued immigration system, not bitter partisanship.

Senator Joni Ernst a Republican from Iowa, who herself is a victim of sexual assault commented on the gun measures included in the legislation. “Certainly we ran into hiccups with some of the gun issues, and that’s a big one for a number of us, stripping away people’s constitutional rights is not something that we should be doing.” The decisions both Republican and Democrat Senators will have to make are not easy ones. Key opposition from NRA officials has signaled that Republicans should not vote to permit gun provisions that protect women from potential further violence from becoming law. Some Democrats have criticized a handful of Republicans for siding with the NRA especially when it comes to reauthorizing the critical protections thousands of women have benefited from.

President Biden has reaffirmed his commitment to executing his campaign promises on Immigration. In his first 55 days, President Biden has acted swiftly to implement commonsense immigration laws that recognize the importance of legal immigration and protecting immigrants who have been victims of humanitarian crises and violence. But President Biden has inherited an immigration system that has been neglected by several administrations including the one he once was a part of. Whether it be partisan rhetoric that has clouded effective immigration policies or the failures of our bureaucracy, our immigration system is in despair. Delays in the application processes, court backlogs, and refugees left without security are all under central focus. Each passing day, immigrants become more vulnerable to discrimination and victims of our complex immigration system. President Biden and his administration are currently failing to aid in some efforts to overcome the “border crisis” with the recent surges to our border, specifically unaccompanied minors. Our office is calling on the Biden administration to make due on their campaign promises and work with the legislative body of the United States Congress to get working on an immigration overhaul because the lives of millions depend on it.

The Violence Against Women Act recognizes the complex situations women are subjected to when immigrating to the United States. Women are frequently trafficked into the United States and their unique role as domestic workers or caretakers makes them vulnerable in cases where their rights must be asserted. For women whose legal status is tied to someone who is abusive, challenges may arise. VAWA’s access to immigration allows these victims to seek refuge from those who may be using their immigration status as a means of control.

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