The Most Common Injuries Suffered From a Car Accident

Posted on 09/20/21

Car accidents happen far more often than any of us would like. Sometimes there are no injuries and just minor damage to the vehicle, and other times there are severe injuries, serious property damage, or even death. Some of the most common injuries resulting from a car accident include the following:

Head Injuries

Head injuries are very common in car accidents. When the car collides into another object at a high speed, the head isn’t protected and can be jerked back and forth, causing it to hit the steering wheel or other parts of the vehicle. Concussions and traumatic brain injuries occur far too often and are particularly common in car accidents.

Neck Injuries

Neck injuries also occur often. When your head and neck are pulled back and forth very quickly during the crash, this can result in whiplash and injuries to the neck, neck muscles, tendons, discs, and nerves. 

Broken Bones

It’s not unusual to end up with broken bones after a car accident. When people are involved in a car crash, they often tense up, causing their body to tighten and not move around much. While this can sometimes be helpful and even prevent a serious injury, it and often ends up resulting in broken bones because the person becomes so rigid that they hyper-extend some of their limbs upon crashing.  


It’s not uncommon for cars to burst into flames in a serious accident. If a person gets trapped in the car when this happens, they can end up with severe burns, sometimes requiring multiple surgeries and extensive physical therapy or rehabilitation. 

Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding can occur when your body smashes into an object during an accident. This can be especially dangerous because the extent of the injuries may not show up for hours, and sometimes even days. You might not even be aware that you’ve been seriously injured. Internal injuries often aren’t discovered without the help of a medical professional, so it’s always a good idea to get looked at by a doctor after a car accident.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

It’s important to note that not all injuries suffered from a car accident are physical. Many people involved in serious car crashes end up with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). A car crash victim might find it particularly psychologically difficult to get in a car or drive a car without suffering from severe anxiety after they have been in a terrible car accident. They may have trouble sleeping or have nightmares once they fall asleep, and may experience many more emotional injuries. 

Cuts and Bruises

Cuts and bruises are very common injuries resulting from a car accident. Often the belongings that we keep in the car are thrown around violently during a car crash, causing cuts, scrapes, and bruises upon impact with our bodies. Not all injuries suffered from a car accident are severe. Sometimes people are lucky and walk away with some scrapes and a few bruises.

A Lawyer Can Help

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries as a result of a car accident, it’s a good idea to contact an experienced Waterbury car accident lawyer as soon as possible. They can help you determine if you have a viable legal claim and whether you are entitled to compensation.