The Catchy Slogans Won’t Help You Choose The Right Attorney. Facts Will.

Posted on 01/12/21

Following an accident, there are a lot of concerns that may be on your mind. When you or a family member are personally involved in a catastrophic accident caused by another’s negligence, the priority should be the recovery of the injured person(s). The health and financial challenges that arise after an accident deserve to be remedied with financial compensation from the at-fault party. Partnering with a trusted Connecticut Personal Injury Attorney will be of foremost importance.

Choosing an accomplished Connecticut Personal Injury attorney will be crucial in securing the compensation you deserve. Attorney James A. Welcome has a diverse background in practicing personal injury law. For nearly two decades, Attorney Welcome has advocated on behalf of those who have been the victim of another’s negligence in various types of cases. They include but are not limited to bicycle accidents, slip and fall accidents, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, work injuries, brain injuries, and construction injuries. In each of these areas, Attorney James A. Welcome has represented numerous Connecticut residents in an effort to secure a favorable outcome on their behalf. Our history of results has been a proven indicator that our priority is to receive the highest compensation possible without empty promises. When exercising judgment on the factors most important to you there are some things you should know before signing on with an Attorney. These recommendations will protect you from making the wrong choice in legal representation.

The practice of personal injury law is one of the largest fields in the legal industry. Personal injury law allows for an injured person to receive compensation for damages after an accident that was caused by another’s negligence. Negligence can be defined as another person(s) carelessness that causes specific harm to another individual. The negligent party breached a duty of care when it comes to the injured person. In each case, it’s important to clearly define the negligent act by the defendant. The more substantial the facts of the case are, the better the outcome may be. Our attorneys take an extensive approach in thoroughly analyzing the facts of each individual case. Our team will adequately review police reports, witness statements, medical records, policy information, and if necessary Attorney Welcome will seek unbiased outside experts to support the facts of your case.

Listen To What People Are Saying

When choosing a personal injury attorney, look no further than their current or past clients. If your family member or friend recommends an attorney, you should ask questions to better understand what their experience was like. Each case is different, so past outcomes will not be reflective of future outcomes. If you are unfamiliar with the firm, research their Facebook and Google My Business page to review client reviews. This may offer you some insight on how the attorney interacts with his or her clients and the logistics of the firm. Exercise due care when finalizing your decision on an attorney, it’s your best bet.

Rewards and Accolades

Firms that get recognized by distinguished legal directories go through a careful vetting process. When researching an attorney, you may find the Super Lawyer directory a great step in reviewing the attorney and their credentials. Numerous accolades should be an indicator that the attorney is backed by reputable organizations. Don’t take our word for it? Take theirs!


Not only will an attorney’s experience be one of the biggest factors in their approach when negotiating a settlement, but it will prove to be essential with the complexities of your case. Inexperienced attorneys may neglect to obtain certain evidence or properly account for all the damages in your case. In the occasion that your case goes to trial, will your attorney be able to keep up with the defense and receive a better outcome for you? Have they had cases go to trial? Do they prefer settling cases early on? How many years have they practiced law? These are all questions you should be prepared to ask any attorney. Leaving your case up to fate will certainly cost you, not the attorney. Don’t fall victim to an attorney who just wants to settle your case quickly. You deserve a legal advocate who is willing to take your case to trial when necessary to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. An experienced attorney will understand the intricacy of your case, and won’t shy away from the truth.

What Have Past Results Shown?

A proven track record of favorable outcomes on behalf of his or her clients is a key part of a successful personal injury attorney. Typically, attorney’s won’t shy away from displaying their case settlements, offering you insight into their track record. Although past case settlements are not an indicator of what results you may obtain, it gives you some insight into what the attorney is capable of. A consistent record of achieving positive case settlements may distinguish one attorney from the rest. This can help you make a final decision when choosing an attorney.

What Are Your Goals?

After researching an attorney the final question you should ask yourself is what do you want out of your case? Whether that be an attorney who fights on your behalf or someone who will be just a phone call away, you deserve to know. The personal attention your attorney shows to you may be the ultimate factor in whether they see you as just another case or someone they want to fight for. Remember, qualified attorneys will have a proven track record of success, years of experience in personal injury law, distinguished awards, and finally people that back the attorney. Your decision will be important. It may mean an extra medical bill being covered or additional compensation for missed days of work or long term therapy to ensure your recovery. These are all necessary factors that must be researched before choosing an attorney.

A Fighter Behind Your Personal Injury Case

For the past two decades, attorney James A. Welcome has worked directly with his clients. At a moment’s notice, he has traveled to his clients’ homes when they were unable to travel and was on the line when they had questions. Attorney Welcome will ensure you receive the personal attention you deserve throughout your injury case and has made an effort to stay in close contact with all his clients even after their cases have settled. Direct attention to matters most important to you starts with partnering with a reputable New England Super Lawyer at The Law Offices of James A. Welcome. Personal injury law can be complicated, especially when dealing with insurance companies whose main goal is to settle and cover as little as possible. Attorney James A. Welcome will not let this happen to you. Instead Attorney James A. Welcome and his team will thoroughly analyze your case specifics, building the best case possible on your behalf. To ensure you receive the justice you deserve, partner with a trusted Connecticut law firm today. Reach out at (203) 753-7300 or visit