President-Elect Joe Biden’s Immigration Policies Seek To Reverse the Last Four Years

Posted on 11/10/20

For the past four years, the Trump Administration has taken deliberate actions to undermine the integrity of our legal immigration system. Immigrants have been the lifeblood of our country and have contributed to the diverse culture of the United States for centuries. As the 2020 election results continue to be finalized, and Joe Biden is on track to be the forty-sixth president of the United States, immigrants can rest knowing there is hope. Our office has previously commented on the importance of the 2020 election results. In our election edition newsletter, our team of experienced immigration attorneys outlined the specifics from each candidate. Our commitment has always been to educate our clients on the facts, while not shying away from the truth. Our local immigrant communities can find resourceful information throughout our website. We remain committed to providing exceptional legal representation, to ensure a successful outcome on your behalf. To find out more, please feel free to contact our team of experienced Connecticut attorneys today.

President-elect Joe Biden will have significant opportunities to pass sweeping legislation and executive orders that favor legal immigration into the United States. Not only will Biden put a halt to the shameful immigration policies that discriminate based on origin and wealth status, but new opportunities for immigrants will be raised. Although the 2020 election results were far from a blowout the Democrats hoped for, the outlook for meaningful immigration reform remains high. Even as the battle for control of the senate ensues, bipartisan legislation will be a key force under a Biden administration.

Legal Immigration

Legal immigration has been the lifeblood of the country, fostering diverse communities of culture and spurring economic growth even through national recessions. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, immigrant communities have stepped up to the plate as essential employees and business owners in all industries. Though challenging, immigrants have helped our country in our most vulnerable times. However, the Trump administration has imposed restrictive policies while exasperating immigration rhetoric. According to Forbes, such actions have resulted in a near 49% decrease in legal immigration throughout President Trump’s tenure. Reducing legal immigration harms our local businesses and communities and the vital relationships that are built with legal immigrants. “Average annual labor force growth, a key component of the nation’s economic growth, will be approximately 59% lower as a result of the administration’s immigration policies if the policies continue,” according to a NFAP analysis.

Immigration For Continued Innovation

One thing is for certain, immigrants offer the American economy a diverse set of abilities, often to the benefit of the technology sector. In the growing age of technological development, immigrants benefit the United States through fostering competition and enabling innovation. These sectors are the future of our economy, resulting in higher-paying jobs for millions of Americans. However, H-1B visas have been severely restricted under the Trump administration, potentially cutting off the next generation of advancement for the United States. Businesses and experts have gone against the Trump administration’s efforts to divert work visas. Numerous academic studies have proven the importance of allowing immigrants to temporarily work in the United States. Imposing additional restrictions on H1-B visas pushes more jobs overseas while limiting innovative strategies for industry development. The need for high skilled immigration is rapidly growing, and if the Biden administration understands one thing, foreign talent should be welcomed into the United States. H-1B visas are the only practical way for immigrants to work legally and should be expanded in other meaningful ways.

Trump’s architect of immigration policies, Stephen Miller has been a fierce advocate against H-1B visas, claiming they restrict American economic growth while having American jobs stolen by immigrants. Such rhetoric is harmful to the necessary development of our nation. In October, the administration issued three orders that restrict and reshape H-1B visa applicants.

  • A Department of Labor rule that would inflate salaries for H1-B visa holders.
  • A new rule that would terminate the H-1B visa lottery and enact the highest to lower salary system. Unfortunately, this would shut out foreign information technology professionals and international students.

Reforming USCIS

The Biden administration will have a difficult time pursuing meaningful reform when it comes to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services backlogs. Although slower processing has been impacted by Covid-19 related restrictions, the Trump administration continues to slow the processing time for applications by increasing requests for evidence and limiting the deference of adjudication. Not only does USCIS face extensive backlogs but fiscal matters have plagued the organization with possible furloughs and delayed processing. As USCIS has relied almost entirely on immigration fees, the agency has lost significant revenue due to restrictions. Without the government funding the agency, further backlogs will become more prevalent even if meaningful reform is pursued. Therefore, the Biden administration must work with Congress to fund the agency’s expenditures to reduce backlogs and keep thousands employed.

Pathway Forward for Dreamers

Nearly two-thirds of Americans agree on finding a pathway to citizenship for nearly eight hundred thousand DACA recipients. The program, which was enacted by the Obama administration shields immigrant minors from deportation. The program has been in a court frenzy ever since. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program has been under constant assault by the Trump administration but a recent Supreme Court ruling has kept the program in place. Continuing protections for DACA recipients will mean legislative solutions that particularly go further beyond the current program. The Biden administration must work in a bipartisan fashion to secure the fundamental protections of undocumented minors and dreamers.

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