Of Counsel Attorney Peter C. Herbst Attends Miller Society Event

Posted on 10/19/23

Of Counsel Attorney Peter C. Herbst recently participated in a panel discussion on False Conviction & Wrongful Conviction at the Minor Memorial Library in Roxbury, CT. The discussion was presented by the Arthur Miller Society & Arthur Miller Writing Studio.

Fifty years ago Mr. Herbst was an associate of Atty Catherine G. Roraback and assisted her in the representation of 18 year old Peter Reilly who, after a coerced false confession, was charged with the murder of his mother. Years later Reilly’s conviction was dismissed when conclusive evidence that he did not commit the crime was released from the prosecutor’s file.

Also participating in the panel discussion was New Haven Atty Alex Taubes and his client Gaylord Salters, who was recently released from prison after having served 20 years for a crime he did not commit.