Obama To Speak Today About Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Posted on 01/29/13

Is it finally time that common sense changes are made to the nation’s Immigration laws? It seems like it. We as a nation have gone years without addressing a broken system of immigration laws. We have come a long way from the major ICE raids of 2005-2008 or so though, I will say that much. But it was never laws that were changed or amended. It was a new president that made incremental changes throughexecutive action that fairness and common sense finally made their way back to the implementation of United States immigration laws. But it wasn’t the president alone. He had to be pushed by constituents and organizations that support fairness in immigration laws before any action was taken. Congress hasn’t done a thing yet but bicker and posture for years. Because of Barack Obama, we are now focusing on the people with criminal records and the dangers to our communities. Non-residents with criminal records shouldn’t be here anyway. The Department of Homeland Security, and especially Immigration and Customs Enforcement, was not focused on just criminal undocumented immigrants. DHS was focused on deporting as many people as possible. We somehow lost our focus in those years I mentioned, 2005-2008, when agents were arresting anyone who could possibly be deemed illegal. I am hoping that the new proposals being presented this week will continue to strengthen our communities and allow honest hardworking individuals and parents of U.S. Citizens to remain legally in the United States to support their families and live free as productive members of our communities and help grow our economy.

For the bipartisan proposal set to be debated in Congress this spring,click here for a good summary:

While the proposal is short on details, there is reason to believe that results will be positive. It is only a first step in a long process.

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