Meaningful Immigration Reform At Stake In Today’s Georgia Senate Runoff Elections

Posted on 01/05/21

January 5th is election day for two Senate races in the state of Georgia. The all too critical Georgia runoff elections will help determine the policies put forward by the Biden administration while setting the groundwork for a government-controlled by Democrats or Republicans potentially maintaining their grasp on the Senate. Current Republican Senator David Perdue is facing a challenge from Democrat Jon Ossoff, and current Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler will be going up against Democrat Raphael Warnock. Both races have candidates in statistical ties, much like the general election. Whatever the results are tonight, there will certainly be heightened amounts of controversy around the legitimacy of the election results. Americans have taken pride in the democratic process and the integrity of our elections since the birth of our nation. But recent unfounded claims of widespread voter fraud, coercing state officials to do the “right thing” on behalf of the president, and attorneys complicating the certification of legally cast votes threatens the sanctity of our democracy.

Georgia elections are getting tighter and we may have a repeat of what happened in November. Georgia’s presidential election was decided by just under 12,000 votes, and the 2020 general election was decided by a mere 50,000 votes, far fewer than that of 2016. The critical importance of the right to vote should not go unnoticed. Georgia has been notorious for some of the nation’s most unyielding voter laws, often leading to voter suppression in predominantly minority communities. Past Georgia elections have often been criticized for specifically disenfranchising thousands of minority communities from convenient voting precincts due to “high costs of operations.” But unlike past elections, the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated mail-in voting, providing an opportunity to those who would otherwise be unable to vote due to transportation-related costs. With such hotly contested Senate seats up for grabs, every vote will matter.

If Republicans maintain control of the Senate it would complicate the legislative agenda President-elect Joe Biden had put forward throughout his campaign. This would especially impact Mr. Biden’s planned changes to the United States Immigration system. With a judicial system that highly favors Republicans, and almost every executive action taken potentially facing legal repercussions, the legislative authority that a democratic congress would hold would be extensive in accomplishing Joe Biden’s campaign promises. For years, Democrats and Republicans have made promises on reforming immigration but have failed to go far enough. Throughout the past several administrations, undocumented immigrants have been left with an increasingly complicated immigration system that favors wealthy immigrants and discriminates against those from poorer backgrounds. In a nation built by immigrants, this is unacceptable.

Today’s Senate election will help decide the legislative course of action for the next four years, and if Republicans maintain control of the senate it will almost surely confirm the persistence of Mitch McConnell grandstanding on stimulus negotiations, healthcare benefits being extended to more Americans, and meaningful immigration failing to even reach debate in the Senate. With a divided Congress, President-elect Joe Biden will be unable to deliver on a vast amount of his campaign promises. Immigration reform is highly important to the millions of undocumented immigrants who have been neglected from benefiting from the programs they have financially supported while continuing to live in constant fear of deportation. Meaningful reform starts with understanding the gravity of the situation for the millions of undocumented immigrants in The United States. Immigrants have welcomed diverse cultures, enabling a more vibrant society in America. In essence, today’s Georgia senate election may be the determining factor for thousands of immigrants reaching legal status in the United States.

The democratic election process is sacred to the continuance of our Democracy and should be upheld. Unlike many foreign countries that aid in vast amounts of election interference and political corruption, the United States election system has been and will continue to be highly secure, ensuring every American’s vote counts. Georgia’s senate election results will have a major impact on the direction of our country over the next four years. President-elect Joe Biden’s legislative agenda and the hope for immigration reform that will benefit millions of immigrants are at stake.

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