Joe Biden’s Plan For Immigration and How It May Impact You

Posted on 08/13/20

Since announcing his candidacy in June of 2015, President Donald Trump has taken decisive actions against immigrants. His hardline stance on immigration is arguably the key issue to his reelection campaign and presidency. The Covid-19 pandemic furthered President Trump’s actions to dismantle the immigration system while limiting the legal entry of immigrants. His efforts to ban Muslims continued efforts to separate parents and children, and creating restrictions for those applying for asylum, visas, or green cards. Joe Biden’s plan would encourage legal immigration while finding new pathways to citizenship for those currently residing in the United States.

The “Biden plan for securing our values as a nation of immigrants” positions itself as a way to undo the detrimental and draconian measures taken by the Trump administration to separate children, increased ICE raids, and establish a merit-based system that would favor the wealthy while leaving poorer immigrants without hope. Trump has proposed an unrelenting assault on the core values and fabric of our nation of immigrants. The Biden policy includes certain measures that would protect undocumented immigrants and establish a system of immigration that would counter every policy enacted by the Trump administration.

The importance of understanding the position of public servants is vital to our democracy. To ensure the continuation of our liberties and freedoms, the American public must understand the policy positions of their officials. Without such knowledge, a relentless war will be waged on our liberties. At The Law Offices of James A. Welcome, we encourage different political views and believe our democracy has thrived because of such. Understanding Joe Biden’s policy for immigration is one way our firm wants to inform our local community members so they can make educated decisions on the nation they want to live in. Your right to vote is vital to our democracy, and no matter who you vote for, your identity will always be as an American.

Here’s Where Joe Biden Stands on Immigration

Deportation of Immigrants

  • Although facing some criticism for deporting more immigrants than the Trump Administration, Biden has reversed course on the Obama Administration’s staggering 3 million deportations and has a new policy for those entering the country illegally.
  • Joe Biden announced in his March 15th debate that he would commit to halting deportations for essentially all immigrants that enter the country illegally, by putting in place a moratorium on deportations in his first 100 days while reviewing alternative actions. Joe Biden furthered that only those convicted of felonies would face deportation. “It’s about uniting families,” he said. “It’s about making sure we can both be a nation of immigrants as well as a nation that is decent.”

The Border Wall

  • Joe Biden has taken a tough stance against the Trump border wall, accusing it of being “anti-American” and having the opposite effect on legal immigration. Wasteful spending on a wall that has had a limited effect will only leave American taxpayers footing the bill, for yet another failed project.
  • Although Joe Biden doesn’t support the decriminalization of border crossings like some of his Democratic colleagues, he has agreed to review the severity of such criminal offenses. Since 1929, it has been a criminal offense to violate our immigration border laws, carrying a misdemeanor for the first offense and a felony for the second offense. (Title 8, Section 1325 of U.S. immigration law)
  • Instead of a border wall, the Biden policy would invest in high-end x-ray technology, drones, sensors, and towers to limit illegal crossings. The idea of a wall is obsolete in the Biden policy, encouraging resources to go elsewhere for border patrol while saving money.

The plan for Asylum Seekers and Refugees

  • If elected president, Joe Biden will take decisive actions to increase the United States annual global refugee admissions cap to 125,000. Under the Trump administration, a cap of just 18,000 refugees from predominantly non-middle eastern countries has been in place. The policy would go further than the cap put by the Obama administration with nearly 10,000 more refugees.
  • Biden also plans on terminating “The remain in Mexico Policy,” which would require asylum seekers to remain in Mexico while waiting for their Court dates in the U.S. The migration Protection Protocol is regarded as inhumane and leaves asylum seekers in a place of uncertainty after fleeing from violence or other political/ discriminatory issues.


  • Joe Biden’s plan would be one of the most progressive in history. The plan would allow a pathway to citizenship for nearly eleven million undocumented immigrants. Clear restrictions would be set based on certain background checks, registering with authorities, and tax-payments. In order to support economic development, the policy also states that additional visas may be allocated to support cities, counties, and states.
  • DACA recipients would be allowed a pathway to citizenship and the resources to apply for federal student aid. Dreamers would have further protections as they apply for citizenship.
  • TPS (temporary protection status) recipients would be allowed a pathway to citizenship although pending a review of the program once elected. For those who have stayed in The United States for an extended period of time, the best way forward would be allowing for a pathway to citizenship.

Why should I hire an attorney?

If you have been discriminated against in the workplace or if you have been detained for deportation, it will be crucial to have a knowledgeable lawyer at your side to represent your rights in court. In addition, even legal paperwork to apply for a visa can be deeply complex. Speaking with a lawyer who has the background, experience, and knowledge will be crucial in achieving the best possible outcome in your particular case.

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The Trump administration has offended the dignity of immigrants while continuously pursuing shameful and threatening immigration policies. For centuries, immigrants have encouraged the growth of the American economy, and have provided vibrant diverse cultures into our nation. The American dream means more than just economic success, it is the unity of our spirit and our American liberties that have united us, inviting the development of our nation to what it is today. The Trump administration’s frantic efforts to end our legal immigration system should receive a major kickback this November. It is the same constitutional liberties that will undue such decisive actions against immigrants. It’s important to get a head start on your immigration case if Vice President Joe Biden is elected. By contacting Attorney James A. Welcome today, you can rest assured knowing that an immigration advocate and award-winning attorney will fight vigorously against the discriminatory practices of the Trump administration. We uphold justice for all.

The best way to assert your rights as an undocumented immigrant in Connecticut is by retaining the help of an attorney with a thorough understanding of immigration law at the Law Offices of James A. Welcome. We know your rights and can provide you with effective legal representation after you have not been treated with the protection you deserve. We know what is on the line and can help you through the process of asserting your constitutional rights.