Injured As An Undocumented Worker

Posted on 09/28/20

Undocumented workers’ have legal rights when securing compensation for their workplace injury. Contact a top-rated injury attorney today.

After a workplace injury, you may feel hopeless and uninformed on what your next steps should be. Not knowing what to do is typical when pursuing a workers’ compensation claim on your own. This is especially true for undocumented workers’ who are fearful of retaliation by their employers if they were to pursue a workers’ compensation claim against their place of employment. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Undocumented immigrants have the same legal protections under Connecticut law as American citizens do. Don’t let your employer intimidate or misinform you of your legal rights when filing for workers’ compensation benefits. Our team of the skilled legal team is here to protect the rights of undocumented immigrant workers’ who have been injured based on another’s negligence. Our priority is to keep your stresses at a minimum and secure the just compensation on your behalf. The Law Offices of James A. Welcome has developed a distinguished form of representation relative to our competitors. As a top-rated injury and immigration attorney, you can rest knowing an advocate for your rights is by your side.

Your Legal Status Doesn’t Exclude You from Workers’ Compensation

The injury benefits provided by the state of Connecticut are blanket for all workers. No matter your legal status, immigrants should not fear facing deportation. After an injury, securing compensation for costly medical bills and missed work starts with getting behind an attorney who has already represented thousands of immigrants. Immigrants are more likely to be hurt or killed on the job relative to American citizens but are still less likely to apply for workers’ compensation. Studies have shown that nearly eight million undocumented immigrants work without proper authorization or no papers at all. In the past several decades, nearly all fifty states have deemed that undocumented workers’ have the right to compensation, even those in Connecticut.

As immigration enforcement under President Trump has continuously increased, our team of experienced Connecticut Injury lawyers has actively countered these unprecedented targets on the back of immigrants. Immigrants often work on some of the most dangerous job sites. Employers that expose their undocumented employees to severe conditions often never pay for workers’ compensation, health insurance, and offer reduced pay relative to those who have legal status. Many undocumented immigrants don’t understand the complex legal system that provides the benefits for workers’ compensation. It’s important for all undocumented immigrants to know that no matter their legal status, they’re entitled to compensation.

Proving negligence is unique for every type of case. When you consult with our team, you increase the chances of securing the highest amount of compensation while protecting your constitutional rights. Legal status or not, your right to be heard is a pinnacle part of our judicial system. Before filing any claim, our team will review all relevant information and find the best case for proving negligence.

It’s important to consult with an experienced attorney within the statute of limitations for a workers’ compensation claim.

Recovering Damages After Your Injury

Recovering damages as a legal citizen or undocumented immigrant can be challenging. That is why it’s important to consult with a top-rated Conencicut injury attorney to assess your damages and find the best approach when settling your claim. There are numerous benefits involved with workers’ compensation, including (but not limited to):

  • Payment of a portion of wages that you may have lost due to your illness or injury
  • Death benefits paid to the family of an individual who died while on the job
  • Medical benefits for injuries and illnesses that are related to your injury
  • Protection from being fired after filing a workers’ compensation claim against your employer

Obtaining these crucial compensatory benefits is your legal right even as an undocumented immigrant. Don’t leave your future to chance, secure the necessary medical compensation you deserve today.

Contact an Immigration Advocate Today

Attorney James A. Welcome has represented thousands of immigrants while obtaining favorable outcomes when they need it most.

Many companies will take advantage of undocumented workers when it comes to high-risk jobs. For the sake of saving money, employers will willingly leave undocumented workers susceptible to severe injury or even death. If you were injured in one of these ways, or have a family member who died after a tragic workplace accident, we may be able to help you win compensation to cover medical costs, missed work/loss of support, and other long-lasting expenses resulting from a workplace injury. After a serious injury that occurred while you were on the job, it is important to immediately contact the Law Offices of James A. Welcome and speak with a trusted Connecticut workers’ compensation lawyer about the various benefits you could be eligible to receive. At our firm, we are proud to offer quality representation to clients and we have been able to assist numerous individuals in obtaining the benefits and compensation that they deserve. If you have been injured, do not hesitate to contact our team and speak with a trusted lawyer from our practice.