Inauguration Day Immigration Reform? President-elect Joe Biden Plans To Propose a Pathway To Citizenship For Nearly 11 Million Undocumented Immigrants

Posted on 01/18/21

The Biden transition team is planning an ambitious legislative agenda to secure a pathway to citizenship for nearly eleven million undocumented immigrants. President-Elect Joe Biden is reportedly gearing up to announce the immigration legislation the day he is inaugurated. With just hours remaining until Biden takes the sacred oath of office, the plan will surely take many Republicans and even some Democrats by surprise.

It wasn’t too long ago when millions of immigrants were promised immigration reform. In 2008, then-candidate Barack Obama advocated for immigration reform, but once elected, failed to deliver. His first term was marked by economic recovery efforts and increasing tensions in the Middle East. His second term set the framework for meaningful reform but came short in many ways. Unlike his predecessors, Mr. Biden has vowed to take action on his campaign promises. With the most diverse cabinet in our nation’s history and immigration advocates behind the realms of the Department of Homeland Security, immigrants will have a lot to look forward to.

President Donald Trump quite notably won the 2016 presidential election on curbing immigration to the United States. But America has changed. A recent Gallup poll indicates that nearly 77% of Americans believe immigration benefits the country with more Americans desiring additional immigration than in 2016. Mr. Biden understands the benefits of immigration and with a strong Vice President behind him, he may possibly be able to deliver. Biden has sworn to take all executive and legislative actions possible to undo much of the president’s policies. With Democrats holding small majorities in the House and Senate, bipartisan support will be critical.

For the past four years, immigrants have been discriminated against by the President’s immigration rhetoric and actions. President Trump has gone after immigrants primarily through executive orders and memorandums. Thankfully, most can be undone as quickly as they were signed into law. With reform being a top priority in the first hundred days of Biden’s presidency, immigrants should prioritize getting their applications started ahead of time. “This does represent a historic shift from Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda that recognizes that all of the undocumented immigrants that are currently in the United States should be placed on a path to citizenship,” stated Marielena Hincapie, an executive director at the National Immigration Law Center as reported by the Associated Press.

The report is similar to remarks made by Vice President-elect Kamala Harris in a Univision interview last week. Within the interview, Ms. Harris described an eight-year plan for the naturalization process that would expedite a path to citizenship for millions. The plan would also include automatic green cards for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and TPS recipients. If Biden and Harris follow through with their campaign promises to improve and reform our immigration system, their actions would be unprecedented.

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