How Can Immigrants Safeguard Against Immigration Fraud in CT?

Posted on 10/13/23

Immigrants Safeguard Against Immigration Fraud in CT

When you come to a new country to start a new life, you already deal with enough challenges. You might be missing family, adapting to a new culture, or learning a new language. While many people in Connecticut welcome immigrants with open arms, others have more malicious intentions.

If you’re an immigrant in Connecticut, you’re at risk of being a victim of immigration fraud. If you think you were scammed, contact an immigration lawyer right away. An immigration attorney can help you through this crisis and seek justice.

What Is Immigration Fraud?

Immigration fraud describes a situation in which someone targets new immigrants in immigration services-related scams. These scammers may pose as attorneys, government officials, or immigration services representatives. 

Since these scammers know new immigrants like yourself aren’t familiar with all of our systems, they use this to their advantage to gain access to your money and personal information. Even long-term residents may be vulnerable to immigration fraud. 

After years of adjusting to a new country, a scammer may pretend to be a representative from immigration services to intimidate and trick you.

An immigration lawyer can help if you’ve been subject to immigration fraud. This is an injustice, and you should explore your options.

Common Examples of Immigration Fraud

The first step to protecting yourself from immigration fraud is knowing the forms it takes. Some common scams are easy to avoid if you know what to look for. 

Fraudulent Immigration and Customs Enforcement 

Scammers may approach you pretending to be immigration enforcement and threaten you with deportation or accusations of criminal activity. They will try to have you send them money or personal information under the guise of paperwork or fees. 

Fraudulent Immigration Lawyer

Similarly, some people posing as immigration lawyers will offer false promises like 10-year visas to lure you into a fraudulent legal agreement. This false legal service will try to gain access to your money and personal information. 

Fake Voicemails

Some scammers target Chinese immigrants, posing as the Chinese embassy through voicemails. They’ll manipulate you into giving your bank account information or other personal details.

Protecting Yourself From Immigration Fraud

If you think you’ve been the victim of immigration fraud, contact an immigration law firm to discuss your options. Immigration law works to protect you in instances like this, but there are ways you can protect yourself first.

Know Your Rights

If someone claiming to be a part of immigration services approaches you, know they must:

  • Give you a contract in both English and your native language
  • Return any documents you give them
  • Provide a free copy of your file

They cannot provide legal advice, threaten you, or tell you to give immigration authorities false information. 

Demand Proof

Whether someone is approaching you as an immigration representative, lawyer, or government official, always ask for proof. They should offer a license, badge, or other official document as evidence.

It’s also reasonable to ask for a second opinion before you move forward with that individual. Others around you may be able to spot red flags you can’t. 

Identify Red Flags 

Red flags to look out for include: 

  • Emails from unfamiliar senders with spelling errors 
  • Claims that they’ll accelerate your case for money
  • Suspicious email attachments
  • Blank or incomplete forms
  • Asking for money up front

Are You a Victim of Immigration Fraud? Contact a Skilled Immigration Lawyer for Help

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