Holding Parties Accountable for Your Connecticut Burn Injury Claim

Posted on 09/09/20

Your Burn Injury Claim Needs An Experienced Attorney To Fight For Maximum Compensation

Severe burn injuries are not only painful, but they can also result in long-term health complications, such as a weakened immune system and disfiguring scars. The experience of sustaining a severe burn injury is also often traumatic and can take an emotional toll on a survivor. At The Law Offices of James A. Welcome, we take a personal approach in fighting for our clients and will ensure you’re always a priority.

When visiting someone else’s property, it is expected that your safety remains a priority with proper measures in place for safety. Unfortunately, this is not always the case as burn injuries can happen for a multitude of reasons, often negligence being the main reason for such by property owners. Business owners should take all necessary measures to ensure their patrons and workers remain safe on their property. It is in the best interest of a burn injury victim in Connecticut to contact an experienced burn injury attorney at The Law Offices of James A. Welcome to get the maximum compensation and all negligent parties are held accountable.

The Law Offices of James A. Welcome’s reputation is distinguished among other personal injury law firms throughout Connecticut. Attorney Welcome will fight vigorously on your behalf, while not letting your case settle for anything less. Your burn injury will remain a priority, ensuring you secure just compensation for your injuries and missed work.

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We recommend calling 911 or your doctor immediately for any burn injury.

Who is Liable For My Connecticut Burn Injury?

Holding someone liable for your burn injury often stems from multiple parties. It takes an experienced attorney to understand the circumstances of your case. Oftentimes, third-parties may potentially need to be held accountable for your injury. This will need to be determined on an individual basis and where your injury occurred is a factor.

In Connecticut Burn Injury Cases, the Following are Parties That May Be Held Accountable:

Product Manufacturer

If a defective product, such as a stove oven, space heater, or work tool was the cause of your burn injury, then you have the right to hold the manufacturer accountable for the defective products resulting in injury. In such cases, proving liability takes years to investigate, especially if the company is larger. Your attorney should take your best interest in account while taking a realistic approach against the manufacturer of defective products. Your injury deserves just compensation, so don’t gamble it away with an inexperienced burn injury attorney. Holding manufacturers liable is not an easy task as these companies often have floors of attorneys trying to silence your case. Don’t let this happen to your case.

Business Owners

Property owners have an obligation to maintain a level of safety for their visitors and staff. Neglecting to hold its premise to high safety standards may result in negligent liability of that property owner. Business owners are required to train employees to use the equipment and to conduct regular maintenance and inspection of such. Business owners who fail to conduct such measures will leave their property unsafe, and susceptible to burn injury liability against them.

Service Providers

Cosmetic rejuvenation’s goal is to keep your skin looking younger and feeling better. In some cases, the products have unknown chemicals that can harm the user. Holding service providers accountable for burn injuries may be in your interest.

Homeowners/Private Property Owners.

Homeowners are responsible for keeping their property safe. If your neighbors home happens to catch fire, thus resulting in your home catching on fire, you will be entitled to burn injury compensation for damages. This also extends to burns from electric shock or using water.

How To Build a Strong Burn Injury Case

Proving negligence starters by holding the parties responsible for your burn injury accountable with factual evidence. This starts with documenting your injuries from when they start and gathering all necessary evidence to assist in proving the negligence of property owners, or defective product manufactures.

To prove your case to a court’s satisfaction, certain facts must be provided and a thorough investigation must be conducted. Leaving your investigation to chance, will result in little to no settlement. It is your responsibility to contact an attorney who will be able to assist in this process and provide the guidance you deserve. Attorney James A. Welcome understands the circumstances for personal injury suits and will take his decades of experience and apply it to your case.

Classifying Your Burn Injury Claim?

When figuring out the best resolution to your burn injury claim, a judge or jury will need to know the facts about your case and the resulting injuries. Including the type of burns you have suffered from is included in such factual evidence. Typically, the more severe your burns are, the higher the compensation you may receive, although the determination will be circumstantial and decided on an individual basis.

Classification of Burn Injuries Include

  • First-degree

Least serious type of burn. Superficial damage that is easily treated and heals relatively quickly. Hot water burns, electrical shock, sunburn, and touching a hot object quickly is an example of first degree burns.

  • Second-degree

Second-degree burns are more serious than first-degree. It affects the outermost layer (epidermis) and the second layer (dermis) of a victim’s skin. Blisters, significant redness and skin discoloration are all symptoms that a second-degree burn victim can expect.

  • ​​​​​​​Third-degree

Full thickness burn, and can be caused by fires or chemicals. It is the most serious type of burn that a person can suffer from.

There are more serious types of burns beyond a third-degree burn that can damage the skin, muscles, tendons, and expose the bones. A sixth-degree burn can even result in damage to the body’s bones and possibly result in death. Additionally, severe burn injuries often require surgery and skin grafting.

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