Halloween Safety Tips

Posted on 10/26/22

Halloween is a time for children to express themselves with elaborate costumes and indulge in their favorite sweets. Although Halloween is meant to be all-around fun, we have some tips that you and your trick-or-treaters should keep in mind. Why not end the night on a high note while staying cautious at the same time? The safety of yourself and your loved ones is of utmost importance. Here are some generally helpful tips you should follow this Halloween. Have a happy holiday!

Rain in the Forecast

The current forecast for Halloween is a wet one. Although this may change, it’s best to be ready for any weather condition.. Rain brings a higher level of caution that should be observed by both trick-or-treaters and drivers. If you’re going out, bring an umbrella and raincoat to avoid getting soaked. For drivers, slippier roads can be dangerous. Proceed with extreme caution and above all reduce your speed significantly.

Be Visible

Although your costume may look abhorrently terrifying, does it meet the essential safety standards to keep up with the others? To be sure, accompany your mummy, hulk, or other trendy costumes with glow-in-the-dark wristbands, necklaces, or tape. You may even consider wearing a reflective vest to ensure other Halloween goers and especially drivers. Although this may change the makeup of your costume, it is a means to a safer Halloween night. You may also find it helpful to carry a flashlight. Why not light your way to the next Halloween candy treat? A flashlight will make you visible to others and help you guide your path. There’s nothing worse than getting injured on a night that is meant for fun and thrill.

Keep an Eye on the Time

We get it, trick or treating is a delight. But after a certain level of exhilaration, it is important to get home safely. Most homes wrap up activities around 9 p.m. With Halloween falling on a school night, you will find more homes closing shop sooner. Go out earlier to end your night sooner.

Visit Popular Neighborhoods

The company of other Halloween goers is always the best bet when it comes to safety. Neighborhoods that are well-trafficked typically have more candy, are more accessible with sidewalks and crosswalks, and are sufficiently lit. Consider looking into whether your local town or city’s firehouse is hosting a Halloween event.

Keep An Eye on Traffic

For parents accompanying younger children, be sure to stay by your child’s side at all times. Stay on the sidewalk and avoid walking on the street unless having to cross. Be sure to look in every direction and only cross in designated areas. Do not walk in the road and stay alert to potential traffic on the road. If you are driving to each stop, proceed with caution and keep your eye on pedestrians. If you’re an inexperienced or older driver avoid driving due to high levels of traffic and pedestrians.

Check your candy

Before getting into a bag full of treats, there are a handful of indicators that should immediately void the consumption of a treat. If candy is opened or repackaged, throw it away. If you find suspicious packages or other illicit objects, contact the authorities immediately. Set aside the piece in question. Do your best to document what homes you traveled to that night. Although this may seem like a daunting task, consider writing down the streets you visited within a certain neighborhood. Remember to wait till treats are inspected before taking a bite.

Have a safe Halloween!

The Law Offices of James A. Welcome wishes you and your loved ones a joyous Halloween. Let your sweet tooth kick in and may the scares be tamed! If you have any questions in regard to the aforementioned tips please do not hesitate to call our office at (203) 753-7300. If you have a safety concern or emergency be sure to contact the authorities immediately