Driving Tips For The Fall Season

Posted on 10/12/20

Now that fall has officially begun, we can all break out our sweaters, scarves, and pumpkin-flavored drinks. As the weather starts to cool down and days begin to get shorter, Connecticut drivers need to stay mindful of their driving habits. Fall weather calls for more than warmer clothing, however. The colder weather often ushers in rain, fallen leaves, and other road hazards that can make driving dangerous for all drivers. Navigating fall weather is typically more hazardous, so it is your duty to follow crucial safety tips to keep you and your loved ones safe.

The changing colors of leaves, from green to hues of yellow, orange, and red, are beautiful to behold, but this remarkable season is also deceptively dangerous for drivers. Connecticut drivers need to be extra cautious when driving. Like every season, the fall presents unique circumstances for every driver. To ensure you and your vehicle occupants remain safe, our team has compiled a list of eight tips to follow when driving this fall.

Watch Out For Kids Playing

Like every season, drivers should always be cautious of kids playing in and along the road. Avoid large leaf piles that are placed near roadways. Drivers should always abide by the speed limit, especially in neighborhoods. Be cautious when approaching blind drives, and be prepared to make sudden stops.

Don’t Break on Wet Leaves

When leaves begin to fall to the ground, they also cover potholes, lane lines, and potentially make the road slick. Wet and decomposing leaves can be as slick as ice and can easily cause a vehicle to spin out of control. If you can’t avoid driving on leaves, be cautious, and drive slowly through them. Above all else, avoid hard braking. Leaves that obscure lane lines and other road markers should be an indicator that you need to slow down and pay attention.

Watch Out For Pesky Deer

The fall season marks the beginning of the deer breeding season. With that in mind, all drivers should keep their eyes on the road at all times, especially in densely wooded areas. Deers will almost certainly be more active around roadways this season, so staying focused will keep you safe. If a deer runs out on the road, you shouldn’t swerve out of the way to avoid hitting the deer. This will cause you or others even more harm. Braking firmly but slowly can help you avoid hitting the deer.

Frosty Roads and Bridges

As temperatures begin to drop in the fall months, you should be prepared for frost and ice developing on roadways and bridges especially. Slowing down and paying attention to the road will keep you and others safe. Above all else, avoid braking suddenly at all costs. Making sudden changes in the speed of your vehicle can cause you to lose control and cause a severe accident. Maintain distance between vehicles when fog rolls in and keep your low beams on to ensure you have the most visibility.

Avoid The Fall Sun Glare

The first fifteen to sixty minutes after sunrise and before sunset can make for more difficult driving due to sun glare. The best way to avoid sun glare is by keeping sunglasses in your car just in case you can’t see. Avoid having a dirty windshield by clearing off any fallen leaves. Keep a safe distance from other drivers when it comes to driving during the fall months, especially with the autumn equinox.

Be Cautious When Driving in The Dark

When the time changes, millions of Connecticut drivers will find themselves spending more time in the dark. The National Security Council warns that “Depth perception, color recognition and peripheral vision can be compromised in the dark, and the glare of headlights from an oncoming vehicle can temporarily blind a driver.” Avoid tailgating other vehicles and ensure you don’t directly stare into oncoming vehicle lights.

Ensure Your Tire Pressure is Right

When temperatures start to cool, your tire pressure will start to drop much faster relative to warm weather. For every ten degrees in dropping temperatures, your tire pressure will decrease one pound per square inch. The best way to ensure your tire pressure is of the proper capacity is by using a handheld gauge. Don’t rely on your car’s computer tire pressure system, and definitely be prepared to correct your tire pressure if it is low. In case you don’t know your vehicles required tire pressure, this information can typically be found on the driver’s side door.

Watch Out For Bike Riders

You’re not alone; bikes are much harder to spot than cars and trucks. Often drivers tend to speed up when driving by a biker in order to pass them. For obvious reasons, bikers have no protection, so all drivers should be cautious and aware of their decisions around bikers. When passing a biker rider, ensure you check your mirrors, and make a safe pass. Always keep your eyes on the road and for pedestrians.

Keeping these safety tips in mind can help prevent a severe accident. Even when one follows the rule of the road, other negligent road behaviors can cause severe consequences. Our team of skilled personal injury attorneys will actively fight on your behalf, ensuring your rights are upheld while securing the compensation you deserve. At the Law Offices of James A. Welcome, our Connecticut personal injury lawyers are committed to representing the wrongfully injured and their families, so they can obtain the fair compensation they deserve.