Democrats Gain Control of Senate; Biden’s Agenda Gets a Boost

Posted on 01/08/21

For the first time in nearly two decades, Georgianians will be sending two Democrat senators to represent them in congress. Reverend Ralph Warnock will be the first Black Senator from the state of Georgia and John Ossoff will be the youngest Senator elected to the United States Senate. Both their wins spell hope for the incoming Biden administration and its to implement its proposed policies. The Senate remains in a deadlock with only Vice President-elect Kamala Harris being the tie-breaker in the divided Senate. The House of Representatives is much too close for comfort for Speaker Nancy Pelosi, foreshadowing a great deal of bipartisanship. With the electoral college officially certified amid the chaos on the Capitol grounds and riots agitated by leaders in the highest levels of government, the Biden Administration will have their hands full in restoring the United States to its once-respected reputation on the domestic and global stage.

The past several months have been devastating for millions of Americans. The lack of bipartisan support for passing an effective stimulus bill that would help millions of unemployed Americans and those on the front lines of the pandemic is unacceptable. In December, even with bipartisan support for $2,000 stimulus checks proposed by the President and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell vowed not to take up the issue and quite possibly sealed his fate when doing so as “Senate minority leader.” The likelihood of additional stimulus that would aid Americans directly is highly possible since the Senate has flipped. As recently as Wednesday, senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer announced that the first thing on his agenda is to get the $2,000 checks out to the American people.

Make no mistake, the legislative agenda Joe Biden has campaigned on is possible to accomplish with a Senate, House, and Presidency controlled by Democrats. Joe Biden will also see a vast amount of his judicial and cabinet-level appointments swiftly seated to top positions of government with a Democrat majority in the Senate, although slim. “It makes it more likely that President-elect Biden’s cabinet will get confirmed.,” Senator Chris Coons stated. The gravity of the Georgia elections cannot be understated. It reaffirms the direction the country is going back to. Biden has promised to work on an ambitious agenda that essentially works on the pitfalls left by former President Barack Obama in the areas of gun control, taxes, immigration, healthcare, and climate change. “After the past four years, after the election, and the election certification proceedings on the Hill, it’s time to turn the page,” Mr. Biden said. “The American people demand action and they want unity. I am more optimistic than I ever have been that we can deliver both.”

The United States infrastructure has been in disrepair over the past several decades. Cities and rural areas across the nation have fallen behind on necessary infrastructure developments and implementing the transportation of the future. As many foreign nations continue to develop vast transportation grids for more economical and environmentally friendly forms of transportation, Biden will take bold actions in getting legislation passed. This will take vast amounts of bipartisan support as most legislation takes 60 votes to become law, and with Democrats holding a small 11 vote majority in the house, it is more likely to see bipartisan support. Within hours of being inaugurated on January 20th, Joe Biden is expected to take executive actions that would restore DACA and reaffirm our relationship with our foreign allies.

Our office is grateful for the continued support our clients have shown our office throughout these trying times. We’ve made our greatest efforts in educating our clients and local communities on the issues most relevant to them. The last four years have been filled with controversial policies that affect people across our country. Our only hope is for a peaceful transition of power for the incoming administration and that the persistence of our sacred values continues. Immigrants have a lot to expect in the next several months. As we’ve done in the past, our office will continue to offer thorough analysis on matters relevant to you. If you have questions about proposed legislation or new policies, feel free to contact our firm directly to get the answers you deserve. We understand the challenges you have faced over the past few years and the overwhelming amount of emotion you may feel. But rest be assured that immigration reform is on the way. For more matters, legal follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our email newsletter by contacting