A Fight For International Human Rights

Posted on 12/10/20

We’re calling on the leaders of the free world to prioritize the millions of people who have had their human rights violated or completely neglected by dictators, gangs, terrorists, and the like. The challenges we face can be overcome with a united force to end the widespread violation of our most basic human rights. Discrimination based on religion, class, race, and sexual orientation is unacceptable and should be advocated against. Sadly, sex trafficking and slavery are still common practices throughout the globe. In many countries, these practices have been funded and organized by business leaders and corrupt oligarchs. This is unacceptable and as Americans, we should continue to support the fight against these practices.

In the past year alone, we have seen a record-setting amount of Americans protest the discriminatory practices of some police officers and institutions. Black Americans have consistently been imprisoned at higher rates and targeted simply based on the color of their skin. Simply put, America has work to get done on reforming our institutions for the betterment of our society. America should not be a prison state for minority groups. Reasonable reform would encourage dialogue and develop a new sense of acceptance in our society. America had disproportionately fostered opportunities for some while leaving many behind. As the world superpower, no American should go hungry, feel lesser based on their race or religion, or fall victim to a lack of opportunity. America is a land of opportunity, and billions around the world are longing to be a part of a nation that understands its challenges and can democratically change them. This is not the case in much of the world.

Asking for equal opportunity should not stop at home. Today, millions of Chinese Uygurs have been imprisoned in “concentration camps” simply based on their beliefs. Southern and Central American cartels have infected the world with illegal substances and violence. Middle eastern nations have discriminated against women, separating them from their most basic human rights. India and other Asian nations have established class systems, neglecting the poor. As we continue to ask for justice at home, our desire for cheap goods falls at a price. Many of the products we purchase are produced in nations in economic despair, neglecting international child labor laws, and are produced by underpaid workers. Americans should stop supporting corporations that have aided and supported systems that have displaced millions. Rather, we should call on our leaders to recognize these shortcomings and ask that change be a priority internationally and domestically. The United Nations efforts to combat these violations have been notable but the lack of funding and secretive practices of many nations has left the organization without control.

At The Law Offices of James A. Welcome, we encourage you to donate to organizations that are making a difference throughout the world. Carefully read into the mission statements of organizations you plan to donate to and see if it’s the right fit for you. Our domestic issues can be voiced in our democratic process, something we are grateful for. In our nation, wanting change can happen when a united force fights for it. But, we cannot fail to be blindsided. We can support equal opportunity in our nation but still aid the same practices we have fought so hard against in other nations. Slavery, sex trafficking, and concentration camps still exist on this Human Rights Day. It’s our mission to stop it. Stand up and make a difference today!