$1 Billion Lawsuit Against Apple & Samsung to Prevent Distracted Driving Deaths

Posted on 04/23/15

On Monday, the Coalition Against Distracted Drivers (CADD), a California citizens group, filed a lawsuit against Apple and Samsung in the Los Angeles Superior Court. CADD is a Los Angeles-based group who focuses on promoting effective and informative awareness about the dangers of using a smartphone or smartwatch while driving. The group is concerned with the rising number of car accidents caused by inattentive drivers. CADD wants a judge to order both Apple and Samsung to implement a $1 billion program that will educate drivers against using smartphones and smartwatches while driving.

While the Apple Watch is not yet available for sell, it has begun to raise concerns for the potential increase on the number of deaths and injuries caused by distracted drivers. CADD argues that texting while driving and receiving other notifications by a device strapped onto one’s wrist will be harder to ignore and lead to an increase of car accidents. What do you think about CADD’s lawsuit against Apple and Samsung? We’d love to hear your opinions!

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