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Senate Passes Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Posted on 06/28/13

This is a great victory and a historical moment for Immigration advocates. After approximately six months of deliberation, on Thursday evening, the Senate has finally passed S.744 Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill with a bipartisan vote of 68-32. The vote was just short of the 70 votes the Gang of Eight was hoping for to pressure

Senate Vote Passes Border Security Plan in Immigration Reform Bill

Posted on 06/26/13

Monday night, the Senate voted on a key amendment of the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill, to increase Border Security along the southern border. The amendment passed with a bipartisan vote of 67-27. The bill will increase fencing and number of border agents, as well as implement a surveillance system. The border security increase is seen

“Papers Please” Arizona Law is found to be Unconstitutional

Posted on 06/20/13

Last Monday, the Supreme Court ruled an Arizona law that requires voting applicants to submit proof of citizenship unconstitutional. Supreme Court Justices voted 7-2 to strike down the voter requirement. Under Proposition 200, enacted in 2004, Arizona voters must show documentation of U.S. citizenship to use the voter registration form produced under a federal law