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Now that Janet Napolitano has resigned, should the Obama Administration place a moratorium on all deportations and if no why not????

Posted on 07/16/13

Janet Napolitano, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, announced last Friday that she will be resigning from her position in September. Secretary Napolitano will take a new position as the President of the University of California system. She has been the Secretary of DHS since January, 2009. During her time as the head

Rocky Road Ahead for Immigration Reform in the House

Posted on 07/09/13

The future of Immigration reform is uncertain as S.744 Comprehensive Immigration Reform lies with the House of Representatives. The bills fate depends one whether or not House Speaker John Boehner permits the House to vote on the bill. Boehner has ruled out passing the bill, saying he will only bring it to a vote if

Defense of Marriage Act and Impact on Immigration

Posted on 07/01/13

Last Wednesday, the Supreme Court ruled to strike down a key component of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) which barred gay and lesbian marriages from being federally recognized, therefore denying them the same marriage rights of straight couples. Now, gay couples finally have the same marriage rights as straight couples, and that includes immigration